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I am using some 3rd party classes. I want to get the routevalues of my controller in that. Unfortunately it doesn't hand me the current controller that is executing. Can I get it from HttpContext?

The class looks something like:

public class ServiceStationVisibilityProvider
        : ISiteMapNodeVisibilityProvider 

        public bool IsVisible(SiteMapNode node, HttpContext context, IDictionary<string, object> sourceMetadata)
            node.Title = DateTime.Now.ToString(); //need to access routevalues and set title
            return true;

Now I could manully inspect Request.RawUrl and parse and do funky things. However, I don't want to write that kind and fall into trouble later when the application grows. }

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You can search the values of "controller" and "action" in this object

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Not sure in what context you are executing, but you can get it from the RequestContext:

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