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I have this jsp page with some conditions :

        if (filterPresent.equals("true") && !selectedFilterCategory.isEmpty()){
        <c:if test="${entry.category eq param.selectedFilterCategory}">

        if ( filterPresent.equals("true") && !selectedFilterCategory.isEmpty() ) {

If that filterPresent value is true I want only some items to be displayed(those that match the category). If it is not present I want to display all the items.

The error I'm getting is :

An error occurred at line: 48 in the jsp file: /jsp//ejbChildRule.jsp
Syntax error, insert "while ( Expression ) ;" to complete BlockStatements
45: %>
46:             <c:if test="${entry.category eq param.selectedFilterCategory}">
47: <%
48:             }
49: %>
50:                 <tr class="<%=currentBackground%>">
51:                             <td  class="<%=currentBackground%>" align="left" valign="middle" nowrap>

Can I achieve what I want in this manner ?

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please provide some more lines of code then it will be clearly addressed. – Siva Charan Oct 7 '11 at 8:24
Mixing taglibs and scriptlets is big trouble. Use the one or the other, not both. I recommend to get rid of scriptlets altogheter as that's considered discouraged since almost a decade. – BalusC Oct 7 '11 at 13:02
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you should NOT use any scriptlets, except under very urgent circumstances.

Instead of <%=currentBackground%> you may use :

  • request.setAttribute("currentBackground", yourObject) inside your Java beans
  • or useBean with getter/setter

then properly use Expression Language with ${currentBackground} to fetch yourObject.

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That looks rather ugly. Use <c:if> for all the clauses. Using scriptlets leads to these kinds of mistakes - unclosed brackets, forgotten semicolons, etc.

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