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It is possible to show an image by directly typing

Img image = new Image();

if photo.jpg is under "images" folder under Web-Content.

I have task to show an image which is in a folder on desktop, is that possible in any way? I did lots of research but not come to a solution. Thanks.

Smartgwt 2.4 Ubuntu 10.10 Gwt 2.2

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If your structure is something like:

 |||||||||-->client, server, shared

...you would use images from the war/images folder in files within the client package by referencing them as images/image.png. So your code ought to look like:


The path of the image is relative to the war directory.

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The important thing is images must be beneath {webroot} however it is defined. In IntelliJ, The path of the image is relative to the default web directory , so not necessarily war.
If I had the reputation I'd post an image that would explain, but in lieu of that....

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Welcome to SO! Can you elaborate more on this for the benefit of the OP? At the very least, you should include a snippet of code that the OP would use to fix their problem. Also, they never mentioned using IntelliJ. –  Derek Nov 6 '13 at 15:06
It's not about the code, it's all about putting the images directory in the right place. IntelliJ doesn't necessarily use war as shown. I mentioned IntelliJ to save others the grief of resolving the same problem when war is not present. –  ArrGee Nov 6 '13 at 16:26

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