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I am building an application through which on click of (GoToApp) I want to receive the signed_request parameter sent from a Facebook response. I have created the application, gave the necessary site and canvas URLs.

What are the steps through which I can receive the signed_request parameter?

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Check that the tab/canvas URL is EXACTLY the same as required. If there is a redirect to another page, then the signed request and other values will not be sent. You can check using a browser sniffer. If a call to the page responds with a 300 (301, 302, etc.) redirect, then you need to change to what it redirects to.

Examples: may need to be (add www., or remove www. depending on how server is set up) may need to be (add index.php, or the right page).

Check you are using http:// and https:// correctly in the URLs, and that https:// returns a valid page.

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