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I'm creating a website with Django-Cms following the offcial Introductory Tutorial and I'm having some issues with the edit-mode on the frontend. First of all, the top banner is not showing and the edit menus on the placeholders are all broken. The first thing I did was to check for Javascript errors and quickly I found that the CMS scripts are not being included and initialized. Nothing is being generated for the {% render_block "js" %} tag.

I have searched the official documentation and user-lists on the web and I have found nothing about this issue.

EDIT: Sekizai is working correctly, the problem seems to be with django-cms.

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It took me some time to discover this and the documentation didn't mention it anywhere but from version 2.2 onwards a cms_toolbar django tag must be added within the for the edit mode to work correctly.

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The documentation is a bit sparse alright! They have a google group that is quite useful where you can get django-cms specific help quickly – Timmy O'Mahony Oct 7 '11 at 11:22
Actually, I found the documentation to be quite extensive for version 2.2, but there are errors on parts of the documentation that were already written in previous versions. – Raphael Oct 7 '11 at 15:29
Just to clarify {% cms_toolbar %} is the proper code, and it should go in your base.html file – sonar_un Aug 19 '12 at 15:19

Note that the tutorial needs the following #* tagged line of code for the edit menu to appear on the first page you make in the tutorial. I've informed the developers of this.

update: I was reading an old version of the tutorial. Here is the latest version.

{% load cms_tags sekizai_tags %}
      {% cms_toolbar %} #***
      {% render_block "css" %}

      {% placeholder base_content %}
      {% block base_content%}{% endblock %}
      {% render_block "js" %}
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