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I have a website powered by django. There are few url patterns which i donot catch say www.mysite.com/12233445 www.mysite.com/@##$$$ www.mysite.com/alphabetagamma this leads to 500 error page, i want all such non-standard urls to redirect to 404 error page. Any clue which is the best method of doing it?

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Normally if URLs don't match you would get a 404 page. You must have a URL that matches - please post your urls.py. –  Daniel Roseman Oct 7 '11 at 8:41

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By using custom handler500¶ you can change the response status code from 500 to 404. make your project to return this post may help you get the idea how to do it - http://ilian.i-n-i.org/custom-404-not-found-page-with-django-cms/

But as @Daniel said it isn't normal to get 500 for not found pages. Turn on the debug mode and check what error leads to 500.

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Have you created a 404.html template? This happens when you have DEBUG = False in your settings.py, yet you haven't created a 404.html template. This raises a TemplateDoesNotExist exception, hence the error 500 response.

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go to your views, perform all the get/filter operations within a try except block.


variable = object.get(some checks here)

except: object.DoesNotExist
 raise Http404

return (whatever)
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Usually if the URLs is totally incorrect you should not hit the view at all. Example - if there is nothing at example.com/nothing it should raise 404 directly. The example above should be used if you are checking part of the url. Example example.com/news/news-exist is working (you view tries to find "news-exist" in the DB) example.com/news/news-does-not-exist should raise 404 after the news is not found in the DB. This is why you have get_object_or_404 method –  Ilian Iliev Oct 27 '11 at 13:32

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