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I use a Tkinter GUI to intiate a measurement and analysis process, which basically gets going with a clicked button. Since those measurements can take a while, I tried to include a progress bar, namely this one:


But when I do initiate the process, my whole Tkinter window turns into nonsense until the measurement is done and it kinda reloads itself, with my progress bar set too 100%. This is kinda not what I wanted to happen.

What happened there? I am pretty new to this whole programming thing, so I don't have all the tools I guess. Do I need to introduce a seperate thread or something like that, so that the measurement and the tkinter mainloop (is that what that is?) run simultaneously? If so, how do I do that?

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Make a progressbar (these are snippets from my code that processes a 67MB file.)

progress = ttk.Progressbar(bottommenuframe, orient=HORIZONTAL, length=100, maximum=190073,     mode='determinate')

progress.start() ## this starts the progressbar

then during your analysis:

def analysisfunction():
    ##do some analysis
    root.after(0, analysisFunction)

    if job == complete:

Like I said this will work with my 67MB file and tkinter. Hope that helps a little :)

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call widget.update() / root_window.update() each time you update the progress bar

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Update is dangerous to call (not so much dangerous, but rather, could lead to unintended side effects). As a rule of thumb, if you don't know why it is dngerous you shouldn't call it. Usually, update_idletasks is tne better choice. –  Bryan Oakley Oct 7 '11 at 13:12

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