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I've got a beautifully cheesy fireworks animation that I trigger onload using this code

<body onload="createFirework(50,1500,15,1,1,100,50,50,false,false); "> 

I want to trigger 3 instances of the fireworks 1 second apart onload, however I don't know the best method to achieve this.

Many thanks, Mike

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To create a separate function where you will call createFirework 3 times. So you can play with params for each firework

  function createMyFirework(){

<body onload="createMyFirework(); "> 
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Thanks - works fine, using settimeout I've implemented the delay: <script> function createMyFirework(){ createFirework(50,1500,15,1,1,100,50,50,false,false); setTimeout("createFirework(50,1500,15,1,1,100,50,50,false,false);",1000); setTimeout("createFirework(50,1500,15,1,1,100,50,50,false,false);",2000); } </script> – Mike Thrussell Oct 7 '11 at 9:53

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