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I am new to Entity Framework and i have to start a application within no time before learning EF in detail. I need a help in insertion to a relational table. Suppose in my application I have two tables Staff and Departments and I have relation table 'StaffDepartment' which has FK constraints StaffID and DeptID. When I generate Models from database , StaffDepartment entity hasnt appeared in the EF. So how can i insert values to StaffDeparment table in EF as i have no dint get any object named 'StaffDepartment'.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance


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See walk-through below on generating the model:

EF 4.1 Model & Database First Walkthrough

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i would also recommend the follwing guide from microsoft:


it shows in a quite simple way how to create/implement and work with a DB in the Entity Framework.

in my eyes you can start with the chapter: "Generating the School .edmx File". but of course it is good to read everything.


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Iam sorry for misunderstanding your question! after reading your question again i recongnised that you are looking for something else. But good news! i have exactly what you are looking for:

at first read this: http://weblogs.asp.net/zeeshanhirani/archive/2008/08/21/many-to-many-mappings-in-entity-framework.aspx

This article explains how to work with "Many to Many" relations.

This article was also very helpful: http://thedatafarm.com/LearnEntityFramework/tutorials/many-to-many-relationships-in-the-entity-data-model/

it is a little bit easier to undestand because it describes also a way without lambda expressions.


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