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This is the normal use of Hibernate's between constraint

Criterion critDate = Restrictions.between("fromDatePropName", model.getFromDate(), model.getToDate()) ;

But I want the constraint between Object with two or more propertyName in hibernate.

For ex: I want the Date '2011-10-01' between tableName.fromDatePropName and tableName.toDatePropName

This is how I want to do with one method:


Criterion critDate = Restrictions.between(model.getDate(), "fromDatePropName", "toDatePropName") ;

Visual Ex:

Here is the SQL generated with:

Criterion critDate = Restrictions.between("fromDatePropName", model.getFromDate(), model.getToDate()) ;
Criterion critDate = Restrictions.between(  "toDatePropName", model.getFromDate(), model.getToDate()) ;

AND tableName.fromDatePropName  between DATE '2011-10-01' and DATE '2011-10-31' 
AND tableName.toDatePropName    between DATE '2011-10-01' and DATE '2011-10-31' 

But this is the SQL I want to generate:

Criterion critDate = Restrictions.between(model.getDate(), "fromDatePropName", "toDatePropName") ;

AND DATE'2011-10-01'  between tableName.fromDatePropName and tableName.toDatePropName

Thanks for your answers.

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What's the question? –  MasterCassim Oct 7 '11 at 9:11
Where do those properties come from? Are they properites of the entity you want to compare? –  Thomas Oct 7 '11 at 9:12

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Shouldn't that be:

Restrictions.between("date", model.getFromDate(), model.getToDate())

From the Restrictions.between() javadoc, the property name is the first argument, and is relative to the entity the Criteria is rooted to.

If you really want to specify a restriction such as requiring a property of the rooted entity being between two other properties of the same entity, you could use the Restrictions.geProperty() and Restrictions.leProperty() methods instead of Restrictions.between().

Restrictions.geProperty("date", "fromDate")


Restrictions.leProperty("date", "toDate")
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