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I have a zul wich has two dependent combos. When an item of the first combo (cb_empresa_detalle) is checked then the second combo (cb_agente_detalle) loads its items.

In my controller I have this code:

public void loadAgentes(Event evt) throws WrongValueException,
        InterruptedException {
    if (cb_empresa_detalle.getSelectedItem() != null) {
        idEmpresa = (String) cb_empresa_detalle.getSelectedItem()
//          cb_agente_detalle.getChildren().clear();


This code throws a ConcurrenModificationException in lines (I tried the following two options), when I check in diferent items in first combo:

cb_agente_detalle.getChildren().clear(); // is now comented

Also, I tried this:

while (cb_agente_detalle.getItemCount() > 0) {

Any idea?

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A ConcurrentModificationException is thrown when you try to delete items from a collection when you're iterating over it using an iterator.

Just make sure it is not the case.

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