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Is there any way to import all site MySite.zexp in Zope (ZMI) with use of a command line or programatically, without using the web interface? I am using Plone3.1

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I think (based upon a little grepping in buildout-cache/eggs/Zope2*) the importing process as triggered through the ZMI will end up calling

security.declareProtected(import_export_objects, 'manage_importObject')
def manage_importObject(self, file, REQUEST=None, set_owner=1):
    """Import an object from a file"""

from Zope2-*.egg/OFS/ObjectManager.py.

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Copy your file MySite.zexp into the import folder of your plone instance (for Plone 3.1, it is probably located in ${PLONE_FOLDER}/parts/instance/import, or just look for the import folder using the find command). Then, use the following command line on the machine where the Zope server is running in order to import your zexp file into your ZODB:

$ wget http://admin:password@localhost:8080/manage_importObject?file=MySite.zexp

where admin and password are your admin user login and password respectively.

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