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I need a sql statement, to insert a new row in one database table and update an existing row in another database table based on some conditions.

Is there a way to do this? To insert a row in one table and update a row in another database table in one sql statement?

Thanks in advance!

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What database system are you using? –  Jordan Oct 7 '11 at 9:25

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Yes, they are called Transactions, and are implemented with START TRANSACTION and COMMIT/ROLLBACK with something like:

  UPDATE table2 SET name='TOTO' WHERE type=1;


This is not in fact one SQL query, but the operation is done atomically - and I think that is what you need.

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You can use Trigger to update second table on insert of first table

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A single SQL statement allows you to update one table, not several; if that statement is a MERGE then you can specify insert/update/delete actions but still targeting just the same one target table.

If you just want consistency, use transactions; until a transaction is committed, changes within it are not visible to the outside world.

If you want that a single update (which you cannot control) resulted in a coordinated insert, use an on update trigger in the table being updated. The trigger would insert appropriate row(s) into other table(s).

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Yes, it's possible with stored procedures.

Watch this: Stored procedures

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