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I want to post tweets directly from android applications. Is there any official Twitter android SDK like we have in facebook Please tell me how to achieve this

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There is no official Android SDK for twitter, only 3rd party libraries. These are the Java based options twitter mentions . I've used T4J and Scribe professionally and though T4J does more out of the box, I recommend using Scribe + Jackson JSON parser. Scribe handles the hardest bit which is all the authentication code and Jackson is a fast, lightweight JSON > POJO processor.

I think in reality given your question has so little detail or self directed research, all you are going to get here is opinion. There are several things to consider that aren't specified in your question that will determine your choice:

  • Ease of development / initial development cost/effort.
  • Scalability, one trick pony or are you going to be using a bigger set of the API?
  • Is the footprint or dependencies of the library a factor?
  • How the client authenticates; oAuth1.0a, xAuth, OOB PIN request?
  • Testability. Different libraries are sometimes harder to stub/mock out when unit testing your application. T4J is an example here.
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Kindly go through the following link: http://www.londatiga.net/it/how-to-post-twitter-status-from-android/ . This might be helpful for you

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Yes, you can find Twitter APIs that you can use in Android apps.

  • This link will show you some examples.
  • This one points to the official documentation of the Twitter REST protocol.
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