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Make Vim Curly Braces, Square Braces, Parens act like Textmate

I'm coming from textmate and I'm really really loving vim.

One part I liked about textmate was when editing css you would type

.title {

and it would auto complete the brackets to this (where | is the cursor)...

.title {|}

THen you would hit enter and it turns to

.title {

I have the "Autoclose" plugin but when you hit enter it just brings the } with it and looks like a mess.

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You can try an imap:

:imap { {<Esc>o}<Esc>ko
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There is a nice Vim plugin, snipMate, that provides auto-completion and maybe can attend your needs.

By default it works for bigger patterns, as the entire tag .title in your example. Maybe you could insert a snippet for '{'.

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