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I want to share an audio mp3 file using faceboo api. I need to share it with my friends and on my wall. Once on the facebook profile, I need to be able to play the audio file when i click on it.

$link = "link to some mp3 file";
function streamPublish(name){
          method: 'stream.share',
          attachment: {
            name:'Louis Dousset viens de t\'envoyer un message grâce à la Sweet Machine',

            "media": [{
            "type": "mp3", 
            "src": $link, 
            "title": "", 
            "artist": "", 
            "album": "",
            "href": ""

          display: 'page'

I am using the above function. I am getting not able to get the mp3 url; How can I sort this out?

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Make sure you have the proper Open Graph Protocol meta tags for an audio/mp3 file on your website. Use this tool to what Facebook sees when it parses your page:

Here is a page that has the proper meta tags:

Here is the debugger output for that page:

The audio player on the Facebook News Feed/Timeline is broken. But it should be fixed, I assume. So you should be OK to develop this and wait for Facebook to fix their broken mp3 player.

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