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I'm trying to implement DotNetOpenAuth, without using an OpenId-provider. Getting a RequestToken does not work on my implementation.

I'm calling a method, which calls the ServiceProvider.ReadRequest(). This is calling the IServiceProviderTokenManager.GetRequestToken(string token). At this point, no RequestToken is found, because I was expecting this method to create a RequestToken.

But creating a RequestToken is handled by the method StoreNewRequestToken. When does this method get called? Or how can I make this method being called?

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DotNetOpenAuth has at least 5 major scenarios (OpenID Provider being only one). Can you adjust your question to say what you're trying to do instead of what you're not trying to do? –  Andrew Arnott Oct 9 '11 at 12:59

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It sounds like your OAuth SP host code is either miswritten or the Consumer is possibly providing a token from an earlier attempt. Please activate logging and add logs to your question.

I believe DotNetOpenAuth calls your StoreNewRequestToken method when you are actually transmitting your response to the Consumer using ServiceProvider.PrepareUnauthorizedTokenMessage and sending its result using ServiceProvider.Channel.Send. Before that, I don't think DNOA should be calling your GetRequestToken yet because the Consumer shouldn't have any token to try with -- thus my earlier suggestion that the consumer is possibly using an old token (or malfunctioning).

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Thanks for answering, even though my question was not that clear. I definitely think this is pushing me in the right direction. Since I'm still developing, it might be my implementation is correct, but I'm firing a call with an incorrect OAuth-header. I will investigate. –  Jacco Oct 9 '11 at 13:29
Yep, I messed up my header and was sending a token. Thanks for putting me in the right direction. –  Jacco Oct 10 '11 at 8:01

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