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I have a web-service build using jax-ws deployed on tomcat 5.5. In this web service, I have some methods that get and return java bean objects. I created my stub using the wsimport tool given with java in the normal way: wsimport address/service?wsdl.

The wsimport tool creates all classes that allows me to access remote method and all the beans classes.

My problem is that I already have defined my beans in my code. I do not want to change everywhere in my code which beans I use. Indeed, I want to specify to the stub which beans I want to use.

Moreover, the beans generated by wsimport are not exactly the sames; wsimport convert array into List.

Is there a way to specify to wsimport (or other stub constructor) which beans I want to use?

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I think you can change the way wsimport marshall and unmarshall the arrays.

About the customized classes please see need to use custom classes instead of generated (by wsimport) in web-services

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