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I've defined a textarea height and button is set to display none. I want to change the the textarea height (to a fixed height) and show the button if i click inside the textaea.


<div class="wrap">
    <textarea class="ta"></textarea>
    <div class="clear"></div>


    width: 200px;



As you can see that the textarea has height 15px. So, as soon i click in it, i want to change the height to 100px and also want to show the button.

You can see the same code in jsfiddle here. Thank you for any help.

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Just bind to the click event of the textarea:

$("textarea").click(function() {

Here's an updated fiddle. You may want to make those selectors more specific so as not to apply to every textarea and button element on the page.

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Here is the updated jsfiddle. It will change its height on focus and return to the original size on blur. As a alternative, instead of using .css(), you could use addClass and removeClass.

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@user966585; look this example with pure css:

textarea{height: 15px; width: 200px;}
textarea:focus ~ button{display:block}


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$('.ta').click(function () {       
         $( this ).css( "height","+=85" );

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