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I can jump to code if I click in a method name and hit F12. But, is there a keyboard short cut to jump back to the previous code editor location?

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Ctrl + - : (that's Ctrl and Minus) will navigate back (maps to View.NavigateBackward).

See this list of pre-defined keyboard shortcuts on MSDN.

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That will speed things up quite a bit - thanks. –  James Oct 7 '11 at 11:12

@Oded is correct, but wait, there's more!

  • If F12 sent you to a new tab window you can Ctrl + Tab to get back to your original tab. If you hold down Ctrl you can cycle through tab windows
  • In VS 2010 you can Ctrl + Click to Go To Definition, in addition to F12.
  • You can also hold down Ctrl and move your mouse over identifiers to highlight which ones you can jump to
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For F12, MSVS 2010 opens a new tab. For MSVS 2013 it replaces current tab. I'm not seeing anywhere to configure this behavior. –  crokusek Feb 24 at 19:47
To Prevent Closing Link –  crokusek Feb 27 at 0:47

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