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what is Configuration File Path and loaded Configuration File in PHP.

When i see the phpinfo() information, it shows Configuration File (php.ini) Path and Loaded Configuration File with 2 different values. Which php.ini file is loaded. What is the meaning of 2 different values.

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Configuration File (php.ini) Path is the folder.
Loaded Configuration File is the file loaded.

Additonal note:
Sometime the hoster sets up a default php.ini and allows the user to create an own php.ini file (in every folder) to override settings in the default one.

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Foreach php.ini directive there are Master Value and Local Value

Local values represents settings that you have on your specific /local/ host. They can be changed via .htaccess or ini_set()

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you select the "Loaded Configuration File" to see php.ini file. (ex:/etc/php5/apache2/php.ini)

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