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I am using appengine and appenginepatch for django

I have a class defined in my models that was inheriting from db.Model. I've now changed it to polymodel.PolyModel. Since making the change, my existing entities are no longer retrievable. Is there a way to access them or convert them?

Whats the recommended procedure for changing an entity class's kind?

TIA, Tom

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Solved using gaebar, google app engine backup and restore. Although this isnt necessarily going to be the best solution for large datastores..

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The hassle of migrating data makes you wonder if you always want to start off with polymodel for all new entites. Answer: No. As explained here.

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Just to add to what you said, the explanation says that you shouldn't use polymodels unless you think you might need the functionality later on. –  Eric Walker Jun 9 '09 at 0:57

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