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I am looking at writing a cookie that will be updated everytime the 'news scroller' moves to the next image/news item. when a user returns to the page it will automatically then start the scroller from the next news item.. helping to ensure our users get to see all the items.

i am using the 'anything scroller' by chris coyier et al, with php to pull in the news data.


  • element has a unique id and are in numerical order so my cookie needs to retrieve the latest value and then +1 . the scroller allows for triggers to specific items.. but i can't seem to get the cookie to update on each, moreover it loads once the maximum id of those rendered in html...

    is this even practical? assuming a maximum of 10 news items, would it slow the website down.

    edit this is the could trying to get some output to the browser / console... but nothing.

          // Set up Sliders
          // **************
          theme : 'minimalist-round',
          easing : 'swing',
          infiniteSlides : true,
          delay : 8000, // How long between slideshow transitions in AutoPlay mode (in milliseconds)
          resumeDelay : 8000, // Resume slideshow after user interaction, only if autoplayLocked is           true (in milliseconds).
          animationTime : 1, // How long the slideshow transition takes (in milliseconds)
          autoPlayLocked : true, // If true, user changing slides will not stop the slideshow
          $('#slider').bind('slide_complete', function(event, slider){
          console.debug( 'You are on page ' + slider.currentPage );
          // Do something else
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    Maybe an idea to edit your query and order by rand() ... Random sort will be applied. –  Jordy Oct 7 '11 at 12:10
    possibly but this won't guarantee the user sees the next news article, but just sees a random (possibly the same article). –  TheCellarRoom Oct 7 '11 at 13:51
    '$('#slider').bind('slide_complete', function(event, slider){ window.location.hash = '#&panel' + slider.runTimes + '-' + slider.currentPage; });' is what i am trying to work with now. but so far no joy –  TheCellarRoom Oct 10 '11 at 7:52

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    solution: using local storage this works

      <script type="text/javascript">
      var ls = null, // local storage
      sp = 1;    // starting page
      if ('localStorage' in window && window['localStorage'] !== null) {
      ls = window.localStorage;
      sp = ls.getItem('anythingSlider') || 1;


    startPanel: sp,
    // Callback when slide completes - no event variable!
    onSlideComplete: function(slider) {
        if (ls) {
            ls.setItem('anythingSlider', (slider.currentPage+1));
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