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I used the method system to start a process. the pid of that process is being stored in a file worker.pid

however I need to generate the log of this process, how can I store the output of this process?

the process is being created with this command:

system "bundle exec rake resque:work >> ./resque.log QUEUE=* PIDFILE=#{pid_file} &"

P.S.: I am using ruby 1.8, BACKGROUND=yes won`t work. P.S.2: platform linux

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Maybe what you're looking for is IO.popen

This lets you fork off a subprocess and access it's output via an IO object

# fork off a one-off task
# and return the output as a string
ls = IO.popen("ls")

# or return an array of lines

# or create a continuing task
tail = IO.popen("tail -f /some/log/file.log")
loop do
  puts tail.gets

I suggest you read the documentation, but you can also write to the stream, and do all sorts of clever stuff.

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If I'm understanding what you are trying to achieve correctly, you are looking for the Open3 class. http://www.ruby-doc.org/stdlib-1.8.7/libdoc/open3/rdoc/Open3.html

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i was hoping for something more like the ">>" parameter, like: ./something >> output.txt i now i can do that with C code, << example.in >> example.out i was looking for something like that –  Nicos Karalis Oct 7 '11 at 16:20

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