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The usual way of authenticating user is to invoke:

SecurityUtils.subject.login(new UsernamePasswordToken(params.username, params.password))

However, what if I would like to log him in automagically, without necessity of typing username and password? I have created method in userService like this:

   def logIn(User user){
    Object userIdentity =
    String realmName = "ShiroDbRealm";
    PrincipalCollection principals = new SimplePrincipalCollection(userIdentity, realmName);
    Subject subject = new Subject.Builder().principals(principals).buildSubject();

But this does not work, any hints?

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I have managed to solve the issue. I have created my own class that implements AuthenticationToken interface:

class UsernameToken implements AuthenticationToken{

  private username;

  public UsernameToken(String username) {
    this.username = username;

  public String getPrincipal() {
    return username;
  public String getCredentials() {
    return username;

and created new Realm which looks exactly the same as the default one but without password verification. Now I can use

SecurityUtils.subject.login(new UsernameToken(user.username))
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