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I have a Freemarker template displaying a list of things, now I want to add some pagination.

I have changed the server-side code so that I can put into the backing form the page number (default 1) and page size (default 20) along with a bunch of query parameters. The Controller will handle this correctly and return the list of things, the page number and the last page number in the model.

But what I don't know (as I haven't done much web layer stuff before) is what to do in the template so that the user can click on next/previous/page-3 etc.

The template currently has:

<button type="submit" id="searchButton">Search</button>

I guess I could add buttons for each of the actions, but how could I then detect in the controller which button was clicked?

Cheers Paul

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You could add an onClick event on buttons (or A HREF links) in your template, linked to a bit of Javascript that sets a value for a hidden element in the page. This element (say ACTION) would hold the value of which button you clicked (NEXT or PREVIOUS), so that on the server side, the controller can do the right thing according to the value of ACTION.

form.elements["ACTION"].value = 'NEXT'

Or that could also be a PAGE element, which holds the target number of the page (if you want to allow direct linking to all pages)

So if you're currently on page 4:

form.elements["PAGE"].value = '5' // for the 'NEXT' button
form.elements["PAGE"].value = '3' // for the 'PREVIOUS' button
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This works: <a onclick="requestedPage.value=1;queryForm.submit()">page1</a> – Paul McKenzie Oct 7 '11 at 15:10

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