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I got a WCF service(session) that uses both WindowsAuthentication and regular UserName/Password authentication.

Now I need to get the current user on the client that have sent the request to the WCF service.

I know that this can be done in IAuthorizationPolicy but Im not sure how to do this in a webmethod?

I have tried this :


This does however only return the current user that runs the WCF service(it seems), not the client user that have med the current requst?

Pleas advice


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ServiceSecurityContext.Current.WindowsIdentity should do the trick.

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The identity of the user that sent the request is avaialable in WCF through the AuthorizationContext,

AuthorizationContext context = ServiceSecurityContext.Current.AuthorizationContext

That works for any kind of authentication method, no matter if you use windows or username/password.

WCF by default does not set the identity in the running thread so you shouldn't able to get it with WindowsIdentity.

Regards Pablo.

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