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After updating to qooxdoo 1.5 I am seeing this error:

Uncaught TypeError: Expecting a function in instanceof check, but got #<HTMLDocument>


Strange thing is, that I am not using the qx.ui.mobile.* classes at all. This is with a source-all build and "qx.debug" set.

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As for including the qx.ui.mobile.* classes, this comes from using the source-all job, which includes, well, all known classes, also the qx.ui.mobile.* ones. Try using the normal source job, which only includes the classes necessary for your app.

As for the error, please open a bug report at http://bugzilla.qooxdoo.org. Please specify the OS and browser you are using when you get the error. If possible, supply a minimal Application.js (or a Playground link) that reproduces the error. Cheers.

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Ah, alright. I switched to the "source-hybrid" job now and it's gone. Will try to find a small sample, that reproduces the error. –  Quotenjugendlicher Oct 10 '11 at 8:32

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