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I have constantly failed to install Oracle 10 g on my windows 7. I selected the right download for my operating system but the installer brings a terminal which asks me to press enter to exit while showing the error that Operating system version 6.1 is not supported -- Failed

I tried a hack found here: but still failed.
The hack required me to alter the ?PATH\database\stage\prereq\db\refhost.xml as well as the ?PATH\database\stage\prereq\db_prereqs\db\refhost.xml files to add the lines under CERTIFIED_SYSTEMS like this:

  <VERSION VALUE="6.1"/>

Having done all this and many other hacks i have failed. I tried getting Windows XP Mode for windows 7 found here: to help create an XP virtual environment so that Oracle can install, but i failed to get it since am a Windows 7 Home Premium , 64 bit user.

Anyone running windows 7 64 bit Home Premium or any other windows 7, who has probably faced the same problem, and has managed to install Oracle, do explain how you did it, please? thanks in advance

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Oracle is an Enterprise software tool, and as such is only supported on Windows Professional operating systems. I agree that this is a bit provoking, especially when the OTN Download License appears to encourage self-learning but that's the way it is.

Have you considered using a virtual image instead? Install Oracle's Virtual Box on your PC and then you can run the OTN Developer Day VM. Find out more.

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