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If I'm getting an infinite loop and find the error stepping through the code, how do I then stop it so that I can reload the page with fixed code?

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A. For recursive infinite loops:

There should always be some variable name that contains the function that is being called recursively, regardless of whether the function is private or global.

To stop the recursion, run a code snippet in the console that sets the variable containing the function to an empty function. So if your code is like this:

function doLoop() {
    function privateFunction() {

Then your code snippet would be this:

privateFunction = function(){}

B. For for, and while loops:

Write a line that sets the exit condition to true. In this case, your code to put in the console could be "i = 6":

var n = 5
for (var i = 0; i < n; ){
    var x = 1;
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