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I am new to web services and I was just wondering which alternative is better to use to send data to a MS SQL Server database. I've read that strings are limited in size in web service calls to 4 Mb and I am afraid of situations when data will be truncated somewhere along the line. There will be long strings passed to this method. What do you think, should I use a DataTable instead? Thanks a lot!

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A DataTable is serializable and you can pass it to a web service. – Steve Wellens Oct 7 '11 at 14:19

The limit of the data you send in the request to the web service can be increased to more than 4MB from web.config:

Speaking of arbitrary caps on parameter size, here's a tip for those using the .NET Framework. Under the version of the .NET Framework that shipped with Visual Studio .NET Beta 2, the maximum SOAP message size for a Web Service was capped at 4 MB. You can increase that cap by changing the maxRequestLength setting in the httpRuntime section of the Web.Config file for your Web Service. In the example below, the maxRequestLength has been set to 8096 KB:

      <httpRuntime maxRequestLength="8096"

Quoted from:

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