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I have a query that has a couple of text fields where in the criteria I put <>"Power". When I put this criteria in, it also does not show me records that the field is blank. If I leave the criteria empty, it shows me all records including the records with the blank fields. How do I get the query to exclude the criteria Power but still show records where that field is blank?

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try this: <> "Power" Or Is Null

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  FROM YourTable
                    your_col IS NULL,     'T', 
                    your_col = ' ',       'T', 
                    your_col <> 'Power',  'T'
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Try using ANSI SQL function COALESCE like this

FROM MyTable
WHERE COALESCE(MyColumn, '') <> 'Power'
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Correct. Nz will do here, though original COALESCE variable number of arguments is more powerful. –  wqw Oct 9 '11 at 8:26

A blank field could mean the field is Null or it contains a zero length string (""). You can test for either of those conditions by concatenating the field with another zero length string. If the string length of that combination is zero, you know the field must be either Null or zero length string.

FROM YourTable
       Your_column <> 'Power'
    OR Len(Your_column & '') = 0;
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