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I am embedding python in a C++ dll (so ultimately I can put it in an xll). When the setup is wrong Py_Initialize is documented as terminally failing - see, " is a fatal error if the initialization fails.".

Is it possible to catch this error and how?

Thinking maybe a global windows hook?

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A fatal error is induced by calling Py_FatalError, which bids farewell with an explanatory message and then calls abort().

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It's not nice is it? I've added a signal handler for SIGABRT, an exit handler and an on exit handler, and unfortunately none of those are triggered. – DangerMouse Oct 7 '11 at 16:22

I solved this by creating a separate executable that attempts to initialize python. My primary process will launch it and check the exit code and only call PyInitialize if the child process was successful. So, python is initialized twice, but it is better than an apparent crash to the user.

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