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I would like to design an item like this that opens a subset of other items when clicked, I have only seen it in other applications I've used, and I can't find any resources on how to create it. Does anyone know how to?


My objective

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Its not clear if you want to created Nested listviews that look like this


or if you want to open a completely new list when the user clicks on an item.

If you want to use a nested listview look at this question: android nested listview

And if you want to open a new activity, then create a 2nd activity with a listview and open that on an item click

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Perhaps you should try to have a look at the ExpandableListView.

Documentation is available from here:

If you wanted to add a ListView that opens another list, you can do it in several ways. I've successfully done it by adding an OnItemClickListener to the ListView and then simply load a new set of data in the ListView and update it using invalidate() or by setting a new Adapter.

You could even add some cool transitions or animations, and create a listener for when the animation is completed. Lots of cool ideas :-)

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