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A user submits a file from a front end HTML form which has fields like Division, Department name, department number, section number, year, email, phone etc. The file being submitted might have a user given name. But, when it is uploaded I want it to be named as Departmentname_departmentnumber_sectionnumber.

So, if department is Accounting, dept number is 123 and section is 1, name of file will be Accounting_123_1.doc. The extension will be whatever type of file (text, MS-Word's .doc or .docx, PDF or RTF) was submitted and the user can upload attachments of files with extension .txt, .doc, .docx, pdf, rtf only.

Also, I want it to be stored on a particular location on server. So, if Division is Corporate Finance and year is 2011-2012 it should be stored on server at "E:\Files Submitted\2011-2012\Corporate Finance\". The "E:\Files Submitted\" part remains same in the directory name.

<cfset submittedfileName = #form.departmentname#&"_"&#form.departmentnumber#&"_"&#form.section_number_1#&"."&#cffile.ClientFileExt#>
<cfset filedirectoryYear = "E:\Files Submitted\"&#form.current_year#&"\"&#form.division#&"\">

<!--- ensure that the user uploads attachments of type with extension .txt, .doc, .docx, pdf, rtf only--->
<cfif FORM.attachment_1 neq "">          
  <cffile action="upload" 

  <!--- rename the file and move it to permanent destination --->         
  <cffile action="rename" 

  <!--- now create a temporary variable for the attachment so that it can be emailed later on --->
  <cfset attachment_local_file_1 = #filedirectoryYear#&#submittedfileName#&#cffile.ClientFileExt#>            

I used the cffile.ClientFileExt because the files were getting uploaded without the extension but am receiving an error at destination=#filedirectoryYear#&#submittedfileName#&#cffile.ClientFileExt# as

"multiple items at this position: Missing Token > or />

I am using Coldfusion 8. Any suggestions would be appreciated on where I am erring and how I can fix it.

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FYI it is not necessary to enclose every variable in ## everywhere in your code. This is perfectly fine: <cfset filedirectoryYear = "E:\Files Submitted\" & form.current_year & "\" & form.division & "\"> and more readable, too. –  Tomalak Oct 7 '11 at 14:59
Also, do not depend on mime type checks for security petefreitag.com/item/701.cfm –  Leigh Oct 7 '11 at 16:01

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The problem is the & in your code. Try this


String concatenation in ColdFusion either happens through variable interpolation

<cfset foo = "FixedString_#variable#_FixedString">

or as an expression

<cfset foo = "FixedString" & variable & "FixedString">

Do not confuse the two.

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