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I have an array of shape (l,m,n). I'm trying to calculate a distance matrix of shape (l,m,n) where entry (i,j,k) is the coefficient between vectors (i,j,:) and (i,:,k). I haven't found anything in numpy or scipy that fits the bill.

I tried using a for loop and iterating along axis 0, then feeding that to scipy.spatial.distance.pdist, but that takes a long time as pdist itself uses a nested for loop. In essence, what I would like to do would be to perform pdist down axis 0, but ideally make it so pdist doesn't use for loops either....

Any thoughts?

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I would personally write a little Cython function to do this ( http://cython.org). Write and test an iterative pure Python version (with for loops), move it to a .pyx Cython file, add type declarations and follow the NumPy integration guide:


Might seem like work but if you're doing computing in Python, some basic Cython skills are well worth cultivating as it makes writing C extensions much easier.

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