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I subscribe to a number of RSS feeds, mostly from within my own timezone (UK: currently GMT+1, a.k.a BST). However I'm also interested in news from New Zealand (currently GMT+12).

My problem is caused by my addiction to needing to keep my unread count at, or near, zero. When I load up my RSS reader in the mornings it has gathered all the NZ news at once (normally around 100 items) and I feel compelled either to read them all or to mark them all as read to feed my need for zero-unread-count.

I figured a good solution to this would be to time delay the RSS feed somehow, so I would be drip-fed the stories at their time +12 hours, so I could read them through the day as they come in.

So my question (or, rather, questions): Does such a thing exist currently & what is it? (no point reworking the wheel) If not: What would be the best way to approach doing this myself? I have access to a Linux web server on which I can run scripts, create databases, store files etc, so there should be a way...

I'm most conversant in perl and have done a little fiddling with XML within that, so would naturally process ... or is there some simpler way to do it that I'm missing?

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This sounds like something you can do with Yahoo! Pipes (http://pipes.yahoo.com), you might want to explore that. Once you familiarize yourself there, take a look at the Date Builder and filtering options.

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Thanks - this is exactly what I did. I managed to get one working pretty quickly - certainly quicker than if I'd done it in perl! URL Builder -> Fetch Feed -> Filter -> Pipe Output. Also a Date Builder feeding into the Filter with "11 hours ago" as parameter. – x3ja Apr 22 '09 at 15:27

Have a look at yahoo pipes. There might be something in there.


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