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I've made an update to my existing Mac app and went to archive it.

In Organizer it came up as a new entry and not under the previous releases I had. This new entry appears generic, ie. no app icon, no version or identifier info, just the name of the app came through. What happened? How do I troubleshoot?

In the update I added a UTI and also copied a plug-in into my bundle. Could those things have something to do with it?

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Got it. My problem was related to dependency targets. Here's the solution: http://www.weston-fl.com/blog/?p=2429

(Excerpt added 2012-12-18; see blog post for screenshots and background info)

  1. … Select dependent project(s) in the Project Navigator
  2. Find “Skip Install” and set to YES.
  3. If you have more dependent project, repeat these steps for all of them (i.e. at static library projects).

The app is expected to be deployed so do not change the Skip Install’s No to YES there. Change at the dependent projects only.

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