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Is there a way to use stl algorithms like find() and find_if() in a container of objects? Ex.:With find() find the element whit name "abc" in a vector of class Alfhabetic.

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You can define a comparing predicate (functor). Here is a generic implementation:

struct AlphabeticNameComp
   AlphabeticNameComp( const std::string& toCompare)
      : toCompare_( toCompare) { }

   bool operator()( const Alphabetic& obj) const
       return toCompare_ ==;

   const std::string toCompare_;

In a vector of Alphabetic elements

std::vector< Alphabetic> vect;

you can run a search like:

std::find_if( vect.begin(), vect.end(), AlphabeticNameComp( "abc"));
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You can define an operator==() for class Alfhabetic that matches only the data member abc

something like that:

bool operator==(const Alfhabetic& a, const Alfhabetic& b)
    return ( ==;

and then finding an Alfhabetic instance initialized with abc as the value you want.

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