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I have a simple sample that my sample has 2 window : 1-ProductlistView 2-ProductEditView (1-ProductlistViewModel 2-ProductEditViewModel) I want the user can select a product in my ProductlistView and edit selected product in ProductEditView ...i'm using from this code in my sample:

   public Class   ProductEditViewModel:ViewModelBase 
        private readonly ProductEditView View;
        public ProductModel Model { get; set; }
        public ProductEditViewModel(Product myproduct)
            View = new ProductEditView { DataContext = this };
            if(myproduct!= null) Model  = myproduct;

         private bool IsInDialogMode;
            public bool? ShowDialog()
                if (IsInDialogMode) return null;
                IsInDialogMode = true;
                return View.ShowDialog();

and write to my editCommant in ProductlistViewModel:

  private RelayCommand UpdateProductmdInstance;
   public RelayCommand UpdateProductCommand
                if (UpdateProductmdInstance!= null) return UpdateProductmdInstance;
                UpdateProductmdInstance= new RelayCommand(a => OpenProductDetail(SelectedProduct), p => SelectedProduct!= null);
                return UpdateProductmdInstance;

        private void OpenProductDetail(Product product)
            var ProductEditViewModel= new ProductEditViewModel(product);
            var result = personDetailViewModel.ShowDialog();

I was wondering my sample is wrong? Can i have an instance from a view in its viewmodel? If my Sample is wrong how can i do this solution(send an object to other window and after edit get it)?

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It is normally recommended to NOT have a ViewModel referencing a View. See this question on how to show a dialog from ViewModel.

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I see this solution in this this Architecture :codeproject.com/KB/architecture/wcfbyexample_introduction.aspx –  M.Azad Oct 8 '11 at 7:30
Yes, some frameworks take a "View-first" approach, while others (like the one in your link) take a "ViewModel-first" approach. It's your decision. Google Query. If you want an example for MVVM Light using View-first, I can update my answer. –  jberger Oct 8 '11 at 23:16

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