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how I can use expand in the vim help file, similar to this

 :h expand('%:t:r').'-content'

I get

 E149: Sorry, no help for expand('%:t:r').'-content'
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Build your string and pass it to :execute:

:exe 'h '.expand('%:t:r').'-content'
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One way of accomplishing this effect is via the expression register or <c-r>= followed by an expression.

:h <c-r>=expand('%:t:r').'-content'<cr><cr>

<c-r> followed by a register will insert the contents of a register in both insert and command mode. The = register is a special register that will execute an expression and return its value. A common use of this expression register is doing math. e.g. <c-r>=2+2<cr>

For more help see:

:h c_CTRL-R=
:h quote_=
:h c_CTRL-R
:h i_CTRL-R
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