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My assignment in Visual Basic 2010 is to build a order form that has two text boxes, one for the name and the other for the address.

And we're suppose to use the IndexOf method on the address.

I understand that IndexOf returns the position of a character and the number of characters.

What would be the purpose of using the IndexOf method on the address in this instance?

I don't understand what I would be searching for when the user types in it's address that's going to be numbers and string characters.

I think I understand what the IndexOf method does, somewhat, but why and what would I use it to achieve?

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Perhaps this would be a good question for whoever gave you the assignment. Usually assignments say something like "use IndexOf on the address to ..." – StriplingWarrior Oct 7 '11 at 19:10
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You'd typically use IndexOf to -

See if a string contained something

If someString.IndexOf("Avenue") > - 1 Then
   'do something
End If

Get the start position of a value in a string , this could then be used to extract part of the string. e.g. someString.Substring(someString.IndexOf("@"),10) would get then next ten characters starting from where the "@" character was found in your string.

Bear in mind you'll always need to handle scenarios where IndexOf will return -1 if it does not find the string your searching for, so your code will have to handle that eventuality.

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That was helpful. So if Dim strAddress As String = Los Angeles. In a indexOf function. Could I code this: If MyExample.Text = strAddress.IndexOf(0,11) Then. Would that be correct if I'm trying to search for Los Angeles as a condition to apply a discount, for example? – swydell Oct 9 '11 at 4:36
If you were trying to search for Los Angeles you'd need MyExample.Text.IndexOf("Los Angeles") if the result of that was greater than -1 then you'd know the MyExample string contained the text 'Los Angeles'. Bear in mind that that example is case sensitive. – ipr101 Oct 9 '11 at 8:42

Since this is a homework question, I will answer with a question or several:

  • How would you normally enter a full address into a text box?
  • How would each part of the address be distinguishable from another?
  • Once you figure out how this can be done, think about IndexOf again.
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