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Does someone know if there is an ASP.net library or EXE that obfuscate Javascript like http://javascriptobfuscator.com/default.aspx. I need the same features. I like the obfuscator because when I try to throw it to a beautifier it still very hard to read. Others can be easily reversed engineered to the same code as before. The one on javascriptobfuscator.com does a better job.

It doesn't offer a downloadable version, so maybe you know where I can find one that does the same. I've read other questions but didn't find one that do that.

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Our obfuscators' output is arguably hard to read even if prettyprinted: semanticdesigns.com/Products/Obfuscators/… Size matters; if you only obfuscate a few lines, no obfuscator will do much that is useful. If you obfuscate a lot of code, then it gets pretty hard to read. –  Ira Baxter Oct 7 '11 at 20:49

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That's a cheap obfuscator, uglifyjs can easily beautify the obfuscated javascript.

Here is the example beautified:

function MsgBox(b) {
    alert(b + _0x1495[1] + a);

var _0x1495 = [ "Hello World!", "\n", "OK" ], a = _0x1495[0];


I think it's pretty easy to read.

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any other suggestions, something that will make the "thief"'s life a bit harder –  Idan Shechter Oct 7 '11 at 23:07

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