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I need to know with jQuery if a certain value is on a <li> tag on an <ul>with a certain tag:

<ul id="timeline">

How can I check with jQuery if for example, MySecondvalue, is already on the the <ul>with the timeline id? Thanks!

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if ( $('ul li:contains("MySecondValue")').length ) {
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Chances are you're wanting to check for user input, and with this solution you would unfortunately have to escape or sanitize the input somehow. –  Cruel Aug 14 '12 at 16:00
$("ul li").filter(function() {
    return $(this).text() == "MySecondValue";

If that expression returns 0, it is not on the list. Otherwise, it is.

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do something like this:

$('ul li').each(function(){ 
     if($(this).text()=='MySecondvalue') alert('already exists');
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Not quite jQuery-ish, but depending on the number of elements to filter, this could be the most performant way:

function alreadyInTimeline(text) {
    return ($('#timeline').html().match(new RegExp('\>(' + text + ')\<')) !== null);


cf. the performance comparison of the answers given here so far on for a rather small timeline

Edit: Disregard this, I just updated the jsperf test to use the same selectors for all cases and it turns out that I was wrong.

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