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I want to send a request to the server every minute, Basically I have method and needs to be run every min to send to server some query. what is the best way of doing this? I have searched on the internet and couldnt find a straight forward solution to this. I tried to use timer and timertask classes but it didnt work. I also found something about AlarmManager people say AlarmManager is the best way of doing this but I dont know how? could you direct me a sample application or if it is easy could you send me a sample code here. also I look forward to your opinion about this.

Thank you

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Use the Service facility

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Could you give me a bit more details? I have a service already but I dont know how I can implement a service to send a request every minute. Is there any example of this? Thank you. –  akdurmus Oct 7 '11 at 23:34
What didnt work about the Timer class? Timer task in a Service using Timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(TimerTask task, long delay, long period) would be my first thought. –  Cody Caughlan Oct 8 '11 at 0:00
I will get crazy soon :) timer =new Timer(); timer.scheduleAtFixedRate(new TimerTask(){ @Override public void run() { Toast.makeText(getApplicationContext(),"hello", Toast.LENGTH_LONG).show(); } }, 5000, 5000); This is a code inside my service. I also have a broadcastreceiver and running this service from the broadcastreciver and I also have receiver and service in the manifest file. What am I missing here. why it is so hard to see somthing is running in a loop every N min ? –  akdurmus Oct 8 '11 at 0:20

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