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Github tracks my changes and makes it easy for me to "upload" only files that I've worked on to the repository.

However then I have to upload them to my development server as well if I want to see them work.

Is there a way to have the git client push to my development server as well?

How do others handle this issue of efficiency?

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You have to add a remote to your development server ( to the repo on the server):

git remote add devel url_to_repo

Once that is done, you can easily push to the development server:

git push devel master

If you are having a bare repo on devel ( as it ideally should be), you should write a post-receive script to checkout the files.

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You can just push to all remotes like this:

git remote | xargs -n 1 git push 

This will go through all your remotes and push up your changes to each.

This assumes that you set up a remote for your development machine.

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