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// for example

//then I try to make it live() with a button that just exist
$('#button').live('click', function(){

When I click on the #button, firebug tells me that something's worng in the jQuery.js. How to accomplish something like that?

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You can call $('#text').live('focusout', function(){ /.. /}); anytime you want, presuming jQuery is loaded. Having it called on a button click is not making sense to me. –  artlung Oct 7 '11 at 21:54

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live takes a second parameter of a function that you are missing

function liveConvert( type, selector ) {
    return (type && type !== "*" ? type + "." : "") + selector.replace(rperiod, "`").replace(rspaces, "&");

right here selector is undefined and it fails.

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even with the second param, it does nothing, the script's too complex.. thanks anyway.. :D –  Iseng Aja Oct 10 '11 at 15:51

You need to pass in a function as the second parameter to your $('#text').live('focusout'); Without that callback parameter that line doesn't have any functionality anyways.

Try something like :

$('#text').live('focusout', function(){
    //do logic here.
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