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I'm currently working on improving the blending part of the image mosaic sample application on VLfeat's homepage. In this final blending stage I want to combine two non-nan-sparse images, both being the output from two images interpolations using interp2 with nan-flag. Specifically, given two image matrices A and B and blended matrix C all of same dimension M-by-N, I want for each matrix position (i,j) in A and B want to check whehter

  • both A and B have a defined value in (i,j) so make C(i,j) the average of them or,
  • either A or B have a defined (~isnan()) value in (i,j) so put that in C(i,j) or,
  • neither A nor B have a defined value in (i,j) thereby leaving C(i,j) as is

assuming C is initialized to all nan values.

I haven't find a simple nor elegant way of doing this without having to

  • reshape A and B into vectors
  • find non-nan vector indexes AI=find(~isnan(A)) and BI=find(~isnan(B))
  • find intersection II of AI and BI
  • use II, AI and BI to modify a vector C of same length as A and B as mentioned in three steps above
  • reshape C back to M-by-N to finally get result wanted

I have tried to express the same steps using matrices and matrix indexes without success. Is this the only way of doing this in MATLAB? It seems kind of cumbersome.

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I simplified the tags, I'm feeling that although the tags you chose where related to your needs, the question is a matlab generic one. Please retag if you think I'm wrong. – Laurent' Oct 8 '11 at 9:35
Ok, thanks. Are there any tag-use recommendations available online stackoverflow somewhere? – Nordlöw Oct 8 '11 at 19:23
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Maybe I'm missing something (I do not understand why you need to reshape matrix to vectors, for example).

Anyway, here is a try:

% Unconditionnaly compute the average into temp D matrix
% Restore A and B values where B and A are NaN
% Only modify C wherever the final result is not NaN
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Clever. I'll stick with that for now. – Nordlöw Oct 8 '11 at 19:43

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