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Are there any comprehensive ecommerce systems out there (either paid or open source preferably php) that are available for white labelling and selling onto clients ?

I already know about http://www.magentocommerce.com/ and http://www.oscommerce.com/ although I'm not sure either of them are what you would describe as 'white label'.


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I've spent the past year developing exactly what you're looking for. It's embeddable white labeled ecommerce: estoreify.com (You can contact me direclty @ mike@estoreify.com) –  MKN Web Solutions Dec 8 '13 at 18:52

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I'm not sure if you are intending to sell an e-commerce system or sell a customized e-commerce site. If it's the latter, you should also look at Zen Cart and Open Cart. Both are written in php.

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A complete whitelabel solution is available, the name is SEOshop. They offer the complete hosted platform including supervisoring features to enterprise agencies. http://www.shoppingcartnow.com

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have you considered 3ex.net by Exact Abacus?

Everything sits within the same platform allowing you to control the CSS, design, CRM, Order Processing, Warehouse Management and fulfilment thorugh the same platform for all of the sites you run off the platform

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A semi solution between magento and shopify could be http://www.getshop.com

It has an open source frontend and can because of that be whitelabeled, it also contains most of the common features and are pretty easy to use.

It is also written in PHP and have a full API documentation.

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If you are looking for a hosted solution you can try http://www.shopify.com/

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www.solidshops.com is also a nice (new) option, or bigcommerce.com but that's more bloated if you ask me –  Jorre Dec 30 '10 at 15:08
Shopify has white labeled ecommerce, but they charge like $900/mo for it. estoreify.com is white label for $19/mo –  MKN Web Solutions Apr 19 at 17:59

You can also check out below for hosted services:


http://www.prostores.com by ebay

http://www.bigcommerce.com - link to interspire

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