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I am writing a iphone application using phonegap and ios. I have a weird problem. I have a NSString which holds a json string in my objective c plugin class. And then I call the callback function provided by running Phonegap.exec, however the callback neither the success or failure gets called. Here is some code:

PluginResult* pluginResult = [PluginResult resultWithStatus: PGCommandStatus_OK messageAsString: jsonString ];
        [self writeJavascript:[pluginResult toSuccessCallbackString:self.callbackID]];

my success callback simply alerts the argument passed. The weird thing is that, if I pass in a non jsonString for example replacing jsonString with just some regular message, say @"Hello-word" then it works, and the success callback gets called and the argument gets alerted. Anyone have any idea what going on?

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The problem was that I had a literal quote in my jsonString, but my jsonString was hardcoded. Instead of doing this, I just used a messageAsDictionary with the appropriate mapped values, and I could still interpret the data recieved my javascript as json object.

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